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Bonechewer (PvP)
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                           GUILD RULES
                 Founded, August 18, 2011
Guild Motto:
"No toon is an island, entire of itself; every player is a piece of the server, a part of the Alliance. If a level 20 be washed away by PVP, Bonechewer is the less, as well as if a L33T were by PVE, as well as if a Guild of thy friend's or of thine own were: any Alliance death diminishes me, because I am involved in WoW, and therefore never send to know <For Whom the Bell Tolls> it tolls for thee." For the Alliance! - Bigpimpen @ Bonechewer AKA BoB, posted 1/21/2013: moded from Meditation #17 by John Donne (1623)
    Every player on this server and beyond is welcome to all the fame n fortune we can acquire, as long as we contribute to the Guild, follow the rules, work as a team, and be courteous to each other =) We are about sharing this World of Warcraft with friends and helping entry level casual raiders, expirenced raiders,PvPers, and social levelers become as leet as possible. Feel free to ask for help or give help to your fellow guildys as much as you can. But we do expect people to help themselves if possible and learn the same way most of us had to (google searches, wowhead, noxxic, ect.)
**We DO NOT want BOTs , creepy low levels(or anyone creepy for that matter) who never say anything in guild chat, low level inactives not attached to a main toon, people just looking to leech our resourses, rude people, or drama queens.**
    We are a Monarchal Democricy, our Guild Leader will make desicions based on suggestions from a council group of main contributors. But still holds power to "veto" anything that they may feel strongly is not in Guilds best intrest or against our motto or base guild rules.

Guild Rules:
1. Do unto Guildys as you would have them do unto you. ( see guild motto )

2.Anyone with the guild tag:< For Whom the Bell Tolls >will Always represent our guild in a positive,intelligent light when interacting with other players. Rude, Offending, Harassing behavior will not be tolerated. Killing Hordeys is fun, but repetitive harassment for no reason is frowned upon also.

3. No GUILD BANK OR LOOT NINJAS. Guild Bank Deadbeats WILL BE KICKED! NO EXEPTIONS. No Selling Gbank Items for Personal Profit.
         Guild Bank Rules: Take what you need, leave Gold or sumthing of Equal value. No one rembers what you put in 5 weeks ago. If you take sumthing make sure the same toon name that withdrew also show up on deposit log, on same day, with item/s or gold. Any exeptions will be made by GLeads. On positive note: those who help keep guild bank stocked will/can be rewarded. Any Questions ask: Bigpimpen , Faustmidas , Numerius.

4.No Selling Anything For Profit In Guild Chat. Please use proper channels ( /2, AH, ect.). We are here to help each other. By helping your guildys without expecting anything in return , you are helping OUR Guild (as in all of us) expand and grow. If anyone feels they have been taken advantage of by a guildy, or aware of a guild leecher, please inform our GLeads and it will be taken care of =)

5. Our main goal for PVE is our Core 10 Guild group with 10 backups. We dedicate one night as basicaly open inv to come prove your skills and reliabilaty. Other nights are for Progression with our Core group. SIGNUP LIST DOES NOT GUARANTEE A SPOT! just that you will be avalible to raid or as backup. SIGNUP NOSHOWS WITH NO CONTACT WILL EARN STRIKES TO FORFIET YOUR RAID SPOT.

Mandatory Raid addons/programs:
1. ventrillo :  .
2. Deadly Boss Mods:
     5.a Guild Groups/Raids will b populated by core members first, signup list second, and then pugs/helpfull guilds. Signup list Does Not Guarantee a spot. We will fill from whos on first and what class composition is needed, But strongly favor Guild Groups.
     5.b Progression Raids/Groups will b populated by core members first, best class compositon/DPS 2nd (from our Guild signup list, other friendly Guilds, and PUGs, [not nessisarily in that order])

    5c. Raid Loot Rules: Basically MS>OS as an upgrade. BOE gear: if no MS/OS needs then free roll (must equip if rolling MS/OS), 1 loot per boss , link 600 proffesion skill for pattern drops(if none free roll) DE mats will b kept for GBank to help Guildys with enchants. Loot Rules subject to Loot Master discrection, ( you may be asked to help out other core team members  with gear so we can keep progressing as a Guild) Attendance, Guild activity, and contributions and sacrifice to raid group, are all factors when passing out loot.

6. Our main goal for PvP is atm Arena Teams , Battlegrounds, Protecting our Guildys in wolrd PvP( as much as possible), and in the future, Rated Battlegrounds. Any suggestions on this rule please send to Bigpimpen or Wickedlotus.

Guild Ranks:
1. Prez: Mostly figure head and servant of the council but with veto power, and Guild enforcer.
2.Vice prez: Heir apparent to Prez
3.Council: Group of most dedicated , skilled, and trusted members. Duties include, but not limited to: advising Prez, Vice Prez, of issues and working with others to improve our guild and acting Glead when Prez or VP are unavailable.(must purchase "stock" in Guild for position and  have authenticator)
4.Officers: More bank and repair access, responsible for Leading small groups and advising other guildys.
5.Vetrans: Trusted, Responsible, Battle proven guildys, who are capable of leading but choose not to.
6.Reward Rank: Temporary Reward Rank for top activity or other deserving deeds with more bank access and more repair than Made Member.
7.Made Members: General Rank for approved,active guildys and upper rank alts.
8.Soldier: semi active, unproven lvl 90s
9.Leveling: active levelers, unproven lvl 89 and below
10.Prospect/Inactive: New guildys and Unknown inactives
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